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i really like your face. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Nov 2007|01:11am]
If you can't find your place in this world, your life means something to me. Feels like every Monday's just a day in the week. If you're lonely and it seems like reaching up might break you down don't go wonder. And if i could fly i'd spread my wings in time to free you from these foolish things and we won't be back for sure.

if it's in my mind it's on my face. Wish I could take you to a better place, but we just might miss your call.

<3 seal and heidi
Drink up, babydoll

[28 Nov 2007|01:07am]
i'm miss american dream since i was 17.

are you sure you want a piece of me?

are you kidding me?
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[20 Nov 2006|11:17pm]
i really really don't get it.
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(-: [27 May 2006|10:48pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i really really love him.

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coldplay concert :-) [02 Oct 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

title or description

shmeeee the coldplay concert was so incredible. i never write in my livejournal anymore, but i wanted to write in it here so i can go back and read this and get really jumpy.

It was cold, but it wasn't too bad, and i'd actually prefer it too be colder rather than me dying of a hotflash. i am still thanking dillon x53567596 it was the best birthday present. we were pretty cute there too. i also really want to remember mez #2. i really loved it. when i listen to coldplay now i smile really big and think about it :-)

Oh the streets you’re walking on a thousand houses long

Well that’s where I belong and you belong with me

Not swallowed in the sea

You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea

Yeah you belong with me<3

Drink up, babydoll

(-: [10 Sep 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I just remembered that time at the market
snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
and rolled down aisle five
you looked behind you to smile back at me
crashed into a rack full of magazines
they asked us if we could leave

I can't remember what went wrong last September
though I'm sure you'd remind me if you had to

our love was comfortable and so broken in

I sleep with this new girl I'm still getting used to
my friends all approve,
say "she's gonna be good for you"
they throw me high fives
she says the Bible is all that she reads

and prefers that I not use profanity
your mouth was so dirty

life of the party and she swears that she's artsy
but you could distinguish Miles from Coltrane

our love was comfortable and so broken in
she's perfect
so flawless
or so they say

she thinks I can't see the smile that she's faking
and poses for pictures that aren't being taken
I loved you
grey sweatpants
no makeup
so perfect

our love was comfortable and so broken in
she's perfect
so flawless
I'm not impressed
I want you back

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my birthday is tomorrow [31 Aug 2005|05:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I gotta shake you off
Cause the loving ain't the same
And you keep on playing games
Like you know I'm here to stay
I gotta shake you off
Just like the Calgon commercial
I really gotta get up outta here
And go somewhere
I gotta shake you off
Gotta make that move
Find somebody who
Appreciates all the love I give
Boy I gotta shake you off
Gotta do what's best for me
Baby and that means I gotta
Shake you off

Mariah Carey reminds me of Troy Washington.

Hello, my birthday is tomorrow!


Drink up, babydoll

[31 Aug 2005|02:01pm]

Drink up, babydoll

[19 Aug 2005|07:20pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

aww beach. i look pretty sweet flashing my hotel keys.

basically i am pretty excited for life right now. MOTP tonight. also jack & tony the loves of my life. i need to see balls! one because she is pretty cute and two because apparently Tom wants to borrow my ouija board.

writing about absolutely nothing can be pretty rewarding. i hate summer work. i hate that book. i hate school. but my birthday is coming up, and that shall be pretty fantastic granted someone doesn't buy me an alligator or something just as pointless. what i really want for my birthday is a dog, but i obviously know that's not happening. plus no one is as cute as babe.

time to be your only one
to almost be your way too young
time to crash into the sun
time to be your 21

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heeeeeeee [13 Aug 2005|01:50pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i'm in a cute happy mood. hahahahaha. large and in charge.

"come on just tell me what you think. apparently everyone who told me i looked good lied."
"well. . . .you just look. . .large. . . . . . .  . . . . . . and in charge."


Time to be your 21
Drink up, babydoll

beach [08 Aug 2005|02:02pm]


i miss the beach! could not have asked for a better time.

hotel hoodlums. langles. receeding hairline boy. yappers. grape throwers. feet. bonesaw. bonecrusher. 5 o'clock cookies. underwear decorating. unlocked doors. russians. mooner. trunks. melting pot. tits on camera. hershey boy. time machine.

"I'm Julia Dannnnnnnnngggggg, bitch!"

"Hello?. . .hello?"

"we've got 2 ladies and a gentleman who's allllllllllready scared."

"they're after you, girls. run for your lives. run for you fucking lives!"

"lay off my friend."

more later.

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[07 Jul 2005|03:54pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

heeeeeeeeee. my favorite OC episode is on tonight. so it's been about 40,073 days since i've updated this. basically florida was insanely fun. i love disney world, there is no place that is more cute. more fun? yes. but the word to describe disney would be "cute". I couldn't begin to talk about florida without talking about "Tits". I think a little bit too long of a story.

This makes me laugh everytime I think about it. One of the nights for dinner we were all eating under a pavillion at picnic tables. Drummer boy sat with meg, joey,matt, dillon, and I which is fine. Pizza was being served, and the coordinators were preparing it and getting the plates out, and drummer boy rises, loads his plate up with salad, and piles 5 pieces of pizza on top. (this is before anyone got up for pizza.)

I'm just gonna skip ahead and add that he spewed diet coke out of his nose everywhere in which we were all in shock. his total pizza count was 11.

basically seaworld is cruel. It's cute and such, but you're outside walking around sweating off 17 lbs, and you're taunted by these water animals splashing around in cold water which you are not allowed to jump into. reaaaaaaaaaaaal smart.

Oh! the go-kart! I went to my cousin's in stafford on sunday to hang at the pool and such. whenever i'm there i always drive his go-kart. well this time i decided i was going to attempt to be cool and drive it somewhere far into his neighborhood. well, i was pretty sure i didn't know where I was, so i tried to turn around.

that failed miserably. the kart stalled out and I am sitting in the middle of the road not exactly positive as to my whereabouts. for some reason just as the kart stopped 5000 cars decide to come so i had to push it out of the road, and that thing is heavy. i'm sitting in somebody's lawn trying to figure out what i'm gonna do, and i keep fearing that the people whose lawn i was in was going to return home and ask why i was there.

i tried to pull start it, but i wasn't really strong enough. (plus you're supposed to press on the gas at the same time and i couldn't really do that.) I spotted a family walking coming towards me, so i figured i would sit there and pretend i was doing something with it, and when they came over i'd ask the dad to help me. i succeeded and found my way home. it was fun.

nila and i went to Bo's party on tuesday. that was so much fun. ESTHER was there. boyyyyy she is crazy. It was fun seeing some of the old patriot girls as well. hopefully we'll have a patriot reunion party sometime.

basically, i'm in a fantastic mood.

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Balls, i need to see you. [17 Jun 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This is pretty cool. I made it. I'd say I'm pretty talented.


^^^my friends.

so i went over to nila's today. that was so fun. "just don't hit him!"


Drink up, babydoll

[13 Jun 2005|11:36pm]
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after i wrote this, i became entirely happy. [06 May 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | better ]

You know what I noticed again today? I have some pretty massive eyes. that disturbing doll looks just like me with straight hair.

I will switch over to that story later. Today was so pointless, and I was in a bored/angry mood. I have no idea why. I am just not happy today. Maybe it's because i caught Joss and Erin in the elevator. damnit, keep that to yourselves. I only came to school to take my math sol, and of course lunch with catherine, which is why I stayed for the lunch period.

Math sol was stupid. "Show me what you workin' with, keenan!" holy crap i always die laughing in class. this morning was really dumb. no one was here. bahh. it was lonely. i stayed for the lunch period (1st) to accompany catherine at lunch. lunch was actually pretty stupid. except joss pulling out the magazine pictures i stuffed in his backpack such as, "i'm having a sex change." or "my vagina thumps." matt read the last one out loud. i almost barfed from laughing so hard.

the schedule was 2,1,5 today. so in 1st period thomas gave us a test? out of no where. what the hell is that. what a retard. it was so pointless to do anything in school today. so there we are taking a stupid test, while across the divider thad's class is throwing desks, and blasting music. i couldn't help but laugh. thomas got really infuriated by this and dragged phil into our class.
"this class smells." -phil
"we don't smell!" -thomas.
after being bored for 34928796 hours with the stupid test. bunch of us played this card game that mike taught, which is basically a starring game. i don't care to explain. but you end up having to straight stare at people. it's really disturbing. this strange guy who laid next to me would turn his head slowly and look diretly at me and wiggle his eyebrows. this other kid, could vibrate his eyes. it was disturbing, trust me. so there i am, and i realize i must be scaring some people myself with how frightningly huge my eyes are.

yesterday was dumb. lost to battlefield. i was so cold in my boot with 2 sweatshirts. watters wouldn't let me stay for the guys game. don't want to get into that. at the time i was overly pissed. later he talked to me and i realized it wasn't his fault at all. the school just demands it, and he said he just didn't want anything to happen to me and such. now i could have just signed myself out.

even still, watters would have come looking for me like he did. i'm not mad at him at all, he was being nice, but it just freaks me out when he calls me, "megan." He never calls me, megan. Plus, riding the bus home wasn't too bad either. even though i didn't talk and just ate my various candy items from secret pals, i did over hear watters talking about Ro-tard, and being hilarious. now that i look back on it, the reason i was so upset yesterday wasn't that at all. (-:

mmmmmmm. CATHERINE AND I MUST RAVE TONIGHT OR MY BRAIN WILL EXPLODE. i cannot have a horrible friday. that just can't happen.

i've had a few pictures i haven't put up.

---cool faces, Mag and Alex.

--various joss becker shots.

---a lil soccer.

---more cool faces. kim and corbin.

i get to see my new orthopedist on tuesday!!!!!!!!! well, it's a big deal to me. i'm in a boot. Only problem is my appt. is uhh at 7:30 in fairfax. real cool, sam. . .real cool. i hope more than anything he thinks we should nix the boot. and if this comes true, then i can play in our last home game! bahh i'm getting my hopes up.



i'd say the second one is hotter.

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pretty cool. [24 Apr 2005|06:15pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Did i mention that i am pretty much the cutest kid you'll ever see eating a cueball?

so wow. i guess soccer has kept me out of updating this sweet shit. damn agua! anyway. i am incredibly bored right now. hence the updating. did i forget to mention that i can't go anywhere? hmm. yeah i know it's a sunday but i am outrageously bored. i'll record all that shit soon. but before i forget. . .

last night was pretty comical. I went to captain planet girl's house last night. Ohh how i love her new house. i don't know if i ever said that she moved. well, she did. i brought a movie that i thought looked scary, and while yes, it did make catherine wet herself, it did also make us laugh histerically.

well, for some reason, some people think i eat shit. and maybe i have schizophrenia where my double personality devours random feces off the ground. off topic. anyway. there was this crazy guy in the scary movie with large wild hair (like myself) who rubbed his own feces on this glass wall and licked it off. writing this down at this moment i am uncontrolably laughing. This just sounds so sick. i need to stop talking about shit. catherine yells "FLIPPY DOO IT'S YOU!" well i cried. then i laughed.

catherine has a hott family. thought i'd add that in there. her, her delicious mom snorlax, coco, and of course heidi. we had quite the time even though i was not mobile most of the time.

now onto the really retarded stuff. so i had sprained ankles. in my mind i figure everyone has sprained ankles and plays through them. i attempted not to be a baby and do so. when i thought they were back to normal i was without ankle braces or tape. bahh whatev. so last wednesday watters takes us out on a run before practice. half the girls did not have running shoes including myself. GOOD CALL! pavement running in cleats weakens sprained ankles, in case the world isn't aware. yes, you could say, "megan, you flippin' idiot you should have ran on the grass!" true. BUT. some parts where were ran were lined with dead sharp bushes and bumpy ground. i'm sensing an ankle twist.

so after all the crazy fun. we did some sort of scrimmage drill. one team was Offense. one was Defense. Flips was on the Defensive team. if the D team gets the ball, the O team does a hill or just sprints wherever watters' heart desires. If the O team got more than 6 passes or something the D team ran. WOW i am boring myself. telling that was pointless.

Watters became frusterated at us and told all of us to sprint to him. which i did. i stopped suddenly and my ankle just BAHH. i heard it crack, and it hurt like fuck. so i'm bending over while everyone is in a huddle listening to watters lecture and i'm attempting not to squeal or moan. i sit down. watters notices. tells me to go see the trainer. wow i couldn't walk. BUT LET ME TELL YOU i am quite the excellent hoppper. i basically sprint hopped to the stairs.

then i got to ride in the golf cart. that was an experience. so, it didn't hurt where my sprain had before, it only hurt on the bone. ms. grey suggested that i get xrays. next day i did. bah. saw orthopedist. avulsion fracture. (thanks to alex for the wonderful definition, the breaking of of land by water.) anyway. now i get to wear this spiffy boot. exactly like danila's last year.

that's pretty much what it looks like except uglier. gives a whole meaning to the words "tard shoe." mannnnnnnnnnn. i was so pissed. so i can't do anything for 4 weeks. what the hell am i gonna do in pe.

well i missed a bunch of school last week partially because of this shit. so i'll bet i'll be spooning with a few cuties after school this week. BAHH. this completely blows.

what else. . .well soccer was pretty fun. school soccer is done for me. unfortunately. bahh. in a game a little while back on the vipe diaps, i scored twice. which is not a frequent occurance for me, considering i usually play defense. i am in love with catherine heishman if i didn't already mention that.

i flip my hair alot.

HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS SO UGLY. great. i'm gonna look fantastic.

you know, i think i semi-miss updating this because i can't really remember cute details. friday was pretty eventful. besides the orthopedist and such fun. dillon and i went to the guy's soccer game. couldn't really make the girls because of orthopedist and such. it was an experience. mainly because donald milton's hair was bouncing when he was warming up on the track. ohh right. dillon's mom called me hop-a-long. that was pretty cute.

i really want to go to the beach. BALLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSS. wow. this will be amazing. i am starting to get overly pumped for summer.

i'm wondering if it will look to akward for me to wear capris. of course i'd rather just stroll into school naked in the boot, but because i know revealing that much of the boot's greatness may scare some people i nixed that idea.

holy crap there is alot of stuff i never wrote about. ohh well. there could be more. heeeeeeeeee.

Drink up, babydoll

[09 Apr 2005|06:35pm]

just watched "Closer". I remember I really wanted to see it, and i forget why. I do not recommend watching it unless your view of the world is completely negative. I really hated it. I think i was in too good of a mood to watch it. Well, I doubt I'll ever be so unhappy as to watch that movie again.

catherineeeeeeeeeeeee's tonight! yay her new house! soccer tomorrow. uhh we're dominating. end of story.

Drink up, babydoll

(-: i wish these kids would learn to smile. [25 Mar 2005|04:05pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hahahahahahahahahaha. i miss this kid.

you know what i noticed? anyone can look damn hott if they have camera whore capabilities. hell, i think it's hilarious. recently i found a bunch of pics of this fat chick, and she looks about 4 lbs, and gorgeous. i guess that's why camera whores are camera whores. they're fake pictures make them feel beautiful. i can't be a camera whore. why? because i laugh too much. ohh yeah, and because i do this thing. . .maybe you've heard of it. . .smiling in pictures! i think i'm gonna write a whole entry about this.

i feel stupid taking 984562098365 pictures of myself, but maybe that's just me. when people point cameras at me i laugh and/or smile. yeah, i do sit alot at the computer, and watch tv and do nothing, but i can't ever envision myself rolling around on my bedroom floor taking pictures of myself looking sad.

basically i look the same way in pictures as i do in real life. i don't know. i just don't see how anyone could be so "upset" that they had to take pictures of themself in that mood.

in conclusion, i think i'm too happy to be a camera whore.




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you should have seen that kid. [24 Mar 2005|04:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Just watched this episode actually. . .the playboy mansion one. always gets me.

soccer today was hot. literally. THANK GOD we weren't outside, but it was hot as hell inside. i'm not really complaining because i wanted to be inside. it was actually pretty fun. minus the foul shot sprints. i felt bad for missing both of mine, but hey; watters was standing directly behind me saying don't miss. anyone would miss.

hello, i'm tan.

alright, i am seriously sick of people attempting to write emotional bullshit that means just that. shit. i also think it's pretty gay when everyone else tries to copy that one person saying "oh my god! she/he's so deep, I MUST BE TOO!" They are so mesmerized by the supposed "deepness" that they fail to notice the plentiful spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. if you really try to write something meaningful, or tried to make it look like that, please edit it. maybe i'm just cynical right now. HELLO YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT.

hi world, your life is not horrible. stop pretending it is. unless you can convince me that your uncle rapes you, you are moving to africa, have no access to a food source, are being beaten daily, or your parents are dying and blaming you for it; i'm sorry i don't feel bad for you. go cry in your Chanel bedroom decor. (-:

i never write specifically to people, however. . .to nila, babe i love you sooooooo much. and i hope you read this because i can't call you. i miss you. (-: you are fabulous.

BALLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. holy crap. i get to see Balls tomorrow. I am so excited. we may go see the ring 2, and chill or something. whatever i don't care i just can't wait to see her.

PS. i saw more asian kids today. and became extremely scared.

Drink up, babydoll

i am only writing in this because i became bored after awhile. [22 Mar 2005|03:17pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i cannot stop listening to music from the oc. i downloaded a bunch. i am only writing in this because i became bored after awhile.

why i am typing. i should be doing something. i lack a license. i hate everyone with a license who is sitting at home. so we had soccer this morning and i was really bummed. i didn't have any desire to go, and was oh so tired. it actually wasn't so bad, (if my toe didn't bleed.)

we played this game for sooooooo long. it was extremely fun. i felt like i was 4 which i pretty much am, so no big change there. i think watters had fun watching us be idiots, which is why he let us play it for so long. it's this game where you lie next to someone and if someone else runs. . .bahh this is too difficult to explain without a demonstration. it involves lots of sliding. it's fun. trust me.

after, kelsi drove me home. music in the car got me so pumped to go home and do nothing. i was in an unstoppable mood for a couple hours. it has died due to lack of things to do. now i'm extremely calm. i will be angry if i do nothing tonight. catherine and i are planning TD where we will dominate. actually probably not.

last night was pretty fun. i went tanning. i burned. i think the lady put me in too long. scratch that. i know she put me in too long. i didn't burn till a couple hours later. i swear i love the people who work there. they're so tan, nice, and fun.

after that i went to my mom's and she took me out to VS cause i needed some new stuff. i also got this new lipgloss which i am not even kidding, i am OBSESSED with it. this is gonna sound stupid, but it tastes really good. i put it on and it stays on for like 3 minutes because it's so good. it's meant to be eaten though apparently.

went out to dinner. uhh yeah i had 2 dinners yesterday. hmm. well i barely ate all day, so shut up. went out to cold stone, which i love deeply. overall it was fun.

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